Prompt ai Brand Identity

Prompt ai is an AI-powered employee self-service portal developed to minimize the friction employees experience when encountering IT-related issues during work.

Always-on virtual support partner, Prompt ai leverages natural language processing to provide solutions to common technical issues over messaging systems such as Slack, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Prompt ai Logo
Prompt ai Logo

Primary logo


Prompt ai Moodboard

Moodboard provides at-a-glance view of brand expression — graphic elements, photography, typography, color palette, and tone of voice — at work in a single image.

Design Applications

Prompt ai Email Prompt ai Email

Email template and speech bubbles developed for email headers

Prompt ai Webinar Slides

Webinar slides template

The Process

With beta launch and then GA quickly approaching, Prompt ai was in need of brand identity. Wide range of visual moodboards were rapidly developed and presented to the client team. This enabled stakeholders to quickly visualize the potential of each visual directions, and then narrow down to a few options.

Prompt ai vsual explorations

The client especially responded favorably to a couple of directions; a design that featured organic graphical shapes, and a typographic solution that resonated the actual behavior of the product.

Prompt ai vsual explorations

The two directions were combined into a single visual. As Prompt resides in messaging system, the visual featured speech bubble with emojis inside, which echoes actual behavior of the product. This concept, however, was still missing one important aspect of Prompt ai as “virtual partner”. A new direction needed to be developed.

Prompt ai vsual explorations

A conversational chatbot, Prompt ai was designed to be more person than product. It is like an IT staff in your office always willing to help. In order to express its “can-do” attitude, a series of stickers were designed, and developed into a visual direction.

Prompt ai vsual explorations

With these and a few more directions developed by other designers, a UserTesting sessions was conducted to gauge which visual direction most effectively communicated the benefit, features and the brand personality of Prompt ai.

In the end, the first moodboard received the most positive feedback both from UserTesting testees and the client team, and was then developed into a full visual identity system.