2022 FIFA World Cup™ Bid Book

Still fresh off success in co-hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ with Korea, Japan again decided to become a candidate to host one of the most popular sporting events in the world in 2022.

Collaborating with Dentsu and Japan 2022 Bid Committee, the look and feel of the Japanese proposal was developed around the key concept “208 Smiles”, which is based on the unique quality of Japanese culture — hospitality and advanced technologies..

My responsibilities for the project included art direction and design of Bid Book, which outlined Japan’s proposal for the 2022 tournament, and information templates detailing the required data and maps of Japan, summary version of Bidbook in multiple languages. Additionally, I oversaw the design of the package and supervision of accompanying web site production.

Sony PlayStation® Portable was embedded in the package so that Japan’s technology-rich proposal can be quickly presented as a movie at the Bid Book handover event.

To communicate the quality of Japanese technology and hospitality in tactile ways, various advanced techniques were utilized in the production of the Bid Book package. Holographic metalic foil stamping, emboss, varnish printing, pop up and employing Yupo paper, to name a few. The case was handmade by a respected artisan in Kyoto.

Art-directed and visualized the technological proposals.

Art directed the information packet that contains all logistical details.