GoToMeeting Brand Identity

With the completion of merger between LogMeIn and GetGo, the focus turned to brand refresh of GoToMeeting, the flagship product for the Communication & Collaboration Business Unit.

The task was to come up with a unifying symbol that is recognizable in the SaaS category but also flexible enough to represent multiple brands within the family of products in the Business Unit.

The Process

Multiple icon shapes were explored, from the evolution of the daisy shape to several monogram concepts. The goal was to convey the idea of collaboration, as well as its brand attributes of simplicity and professional. After much considerations and discussions within the team internally, the following three concepts were refined to present to the stakeholders.

For the daisy evolution concept, various shapes were further explored within the hexagonal grid system to express the unique functionality of each product within the family.

The Monogram concept was expanded to include icon designs for the initial letter of each product name in the family.

All the products within the family utilize screen as a tool for collaboration. This concept is based on the idea of face-to-face user interaction.

Ultimately, with "GoTo" to become the umbrella brand name for all collaboration products within the Business Unit, it was decided that the unified daisy icon be used across all products.